Sandra Erickson Wright

Sandra Erickson Wright says that she was born in Michigan with a paintbrush in her hand and that the two of them have never since parted. Her life's journey has taken her around the world, enjoying art from every place she ever visited or lived. However, it wasn't until she landed in Roswell, GA that she was able to pursue life as a full-time artist. Cows, which she stated have a special place in her family's history, were her starting point. Her inspiration soon reached beyond her bovine work, and the fun has not ended since. Sandra says that part of her attraction to folk art is that there are few restraints. She states, "I just follow the call from the muse of the day. I love painting on found objects like rusty ceiling tiles, chippy pieces of old wood, or even old clock cases. Just provide me with a textured surface I can interact with, and I'm in heaven."

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