Lisa Q Caldwell


Lisa Q Caldwell
I live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in Northwest Georgia. My surroundings of woodlands and rolling hills provide the creative influence and ample environment for discovering the natural elements you will see incorporated into my designs. My bloodline carries that of my father's Native American Cherokee ancestry to the blue-eyed Dutch of my Mother. Viewers of my work have suggested a "tribal" look is present in certain of my pieces. My heritage combined with the conceptual theory and contemporary design principles of American art training, plus mentorship and critique with classically trained artists from Italian and other European schools of thought, have guided me to this path of observational Realism inclusive with my own aesthetic insight. I also stray into fanciful narrative, on occasion, and create artwork with various mediums which may incorporate trompe l'oeil stain glass or collage elements from nature. Oil Paintings - My series of paintings titled "To the Bone Portraits" depict various animal or bird skulls and other found or borrowed objects from nature collected in their natural state and presented in a new context. I see the skulls as exquisite sculptural forms that transcend the hand of man. Each skull has its own unique composition, a plan of nature and the surrounding environment. I have always been a scavenger of sorts, even as a child, bringing home treasure of the fields or woods. So, I paint these collected objects through multiple "passes" of oils which come together to give deep perpective and intricate detail whether of monochromatic or rich values into a painting of complex surface and hue.