Charlotte Turner


Charlotte Turner
Art and spirituality have been at the center of my world from the beginning; I knew at an early age the artist way resided within. Believing in the transformative power of art holding an intention of joy, healing and light, and allowing that inspiration into the creative process, is at the core of my work. Prone to experimentation with a myriad of processes and techniques I longed to arrive at a true creative awakening. My curent and ongoig body of work is identified as "Bird Tribe"; Bird tribe arises from years of seeking to unover my authentic creative voice. There is an interconnectedness to everything within this body of work....a primordial energy...the connection to bodies of water where many great mystries of creation persist...and my ancestral stream. Embeded in these works are precious memories of childhood and the sarednes of nature. In Bird Tribe, I am seeking the evolution of form through the process or assemblage and subtle narrative. The process of assemblage becomes a symphony of inspired impulse combining seemingly unrelated pieces to form a new contextual relationship of visual harmony.