Carol Christie



Contemporary Abstract Expressionist


A native of Michigan and the youngest of seven children, Carol Christie dabbled with pastels and sketched most of her childhood. From her earliest memories, she recalls wanting to be an artist. After studying Art Education at Central Michigan University, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1969 to raise her family. Carol continued to develop her craft over the years, taking numerous academic courses and workshops, but believes her real education has been in her studio. She began exhibiting her bold and colorful work in 1990 and is now being represented by fine art galleries across the Southern and Northeastern United States.


Carol paints daily and feels that experience has been her best teacher. Her process is one of spontaneity – quick sketches that gradually evolve into tapestries of bold color and shape, incorporating generous brushstrokes and Christie’s signature marks. Colors are chosen intuitively. "If I think about it too long, or analyze which color to use, or what direction I want to take, I usually overwork my painting.”


Carol’s offbeat style and inspiration for painting is rooted in her appreciation for the colorful works of Matisse and the energetic calligraphic strokes reminiscent of Raoul Dufy. “It’s my hope that the viewer experiences my work on a visceral level, seeing and FEELING the energy throughout.” Her work has been described as playful yet thoughtful; electric yet warm and emotive; sophisticated yet primitive."It just makes me smile" is a recurring comment of her collectors. It’s this heartwarming reaction that keeps Carol painting the masterpieces that she refers to as "feel good" art.


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